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Welcome On My Crazy Profile

Hi friends! look at my gallery and if you like something here, please fav and comment!! and I'm adding even of your work! if you to give me llama or Watch I will do the same for you! :meow: :meow: :meow:


I accept requests and Art trade

Drawing only characters of movies, games and cartoons I like.
To request a request, send me a note or write it on my profile.
Please Watch at me at least for a request.

Examples of requests and art trade

Please specify the design as you like, in cartoon style, Comic or realistic
Colored, non-colored, digital or traditional, etc.

Trolls Love!



Journal Entry: Mon Jul 10, 2017, 6:16 AM

Hi, my name is Brenda Suffer.
I was born in Pietrasanta on March 6, in Italy and now I live in Sarzana always in Italy.
I like to draw and I've always been my passion since I was a child, I especially like yaoi, characters of cartoon, movies and games.
Aside from the fact that I like animals, in my life I had so many! I am very animalist! 
I know English but not perfectly!
I like Tecno, pop and rock music... But generally I like all type.
My favorite song at this time is "Cinema Of Skrillex."
My favorites movies are death Note, Zoolander, Trolls, Scary Movie, The conjuring, Alien, Ouija, Chucky, Scream, Nightmare on elm street, Friday the 13.
Sorry for the small description but I am very mysterious... :XD:
I hope a good stay on my page!



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Dreaming of you request Creek and BranchDreaming of you.
Creek had been having fantasies for some while about a certain troll, but they were not about Poppy as many trolls would have expected them to be but instead they were of Branch. It had started out innocently enough with him just imagining the grey troll kneeling in front of him while he sat on a chair running his fingers over Branch’s lips and telling him how soft his lips were. It had then moved from this to the two of them kissing softly, holding each other closely but going no further than this. These dreams made Creek realise that he was very much in love with Branch, he didn’t really know where it had started but he suspected that at least some of it came from the fact that the survivalist had always stood up to him. It seemed to the guru that when he refused to do something about what he was feeling for Branch that his dreams had slowly but surely moved forwards, to their hair winding around each other’s as they kissed and the exchange of gentl
Dreaming of you request PT2 Creek and BranchPart two
Branch didn’t know what he had been expecting when he came across Creek after their last encounter, but it wasn’t this, the purple troll stood at the edge of the area his bunker was in, the guru didn’t say anything, he placed onto the ground a small bunch of white daisies. This Branch knew was something one troll presented to another as an apology, but before the grey troll could do anything, Creek had him reeling with surprise, the spiritual troll got down onto his knees, he bowed his body forward pushing the flowers in front of him until they could only be touched by his fingertips. This was one very formal way of apologising, but for Creek to be doing this he had to be really sorry, it also told Branch that what had happened in the bunker would stay between them.
The grey troll crossed the clearing, he lifted up the daisies, then settled on the ground before Creek cross legged, he placed the flowers into his lap, then the grey troll touched his hair gently

Purple with envy Pt1 Creek and BranchPurple with envy.
Chapter one:
Branch couldn’t help but wonder what was wrong with Poppy lately, it seemed to the grey troll that every time she was around him the pink troll turned into a giggling mess and kept trying with even more enthusiasm than was normal even for Poppy to include him everything which was going on around the troll tree. The princess had even been trying to be cuter than normal around him which had confused the survivalist a lot and the last time they had met Branch had found himself asking Poppy if something was in her eyes because she kept batting her eyes at him. Today the grey troll was out of his bunker collecting sticks for various projects around the bunker when Poppy came skipping up to his side and said to the survivalist. “Hey Branch my man! What are you doing?”
Branch let out a long suffering groan, he didn’t turn to look at her, but addressed the princess in tones which were not at all friendly. “Poppy I am not your man. As
Purple with envy Pt2 Creek and BranchChapter two:
Branch spent the next few weeks avoiding both Poppy and Creek as he really didn’t want to have to deal with either of them right now, but the grey troll knew that eventually one of them would find him. Branch had just finished picking some green cap mushrooms when he was tackled from behind, as the survivalist hit the floor he let out a surprised huff of air, then turned his head to one side and as the voice of the pink troll came from the weight on his back he felt the first flickering of anger lighting inside him. “Branch! Here you are! I’ve been looking for you every were!”
“Poppy get off of me now!” Branch yelled at her with furry as anger at her actions built inside him.
The princess ignored his anger, she hugged him rather than getting off of the grey troll, as the pink troll did this the survivalist reacted by reaching around behind him, he hastily shoved a hand between them and quickly pushed Poppy off of his back and as he did s

Purple with envy Pt3 Creek and BranchChapter three:
Sure enough when he went to sleep that night just as he though he would Creek did dream of Branch in the pool, but in his dream he was in the water with the grey troll, he was facing the survivalist, who had a yellow towel clasped to his chest and wash blushing adorably. This bright yellow towel reminds Creek of a shaft of sunlight breaking through storm clouds, the purple troll tugs on the towel gently but firmly as he says confidently to Branch. “Come now Branch, no need to be shy, we are both grown male trolls and we troll’s have no issues with seeing each other naked. I would very much like to wash your back for you love.”
“Don’t call me love.” The grey troll growled at him and then said softly looking down sadly at the water. “You don’t love me, so don’t call me that.”
Creek tilted his chin back up, he locked eyes with the survivalist as he said to Branch. “Oh, but I do love you Branch very much. Mayb
Purple with envy Pt4 Creek and BranchChapter four:
After this first date Branch and Guy started to date regularly, for Creek watching them together, hearing about their dates and the progress the sparkling troll was making with the troll he now knew that he loved was like torture of the worst kind. So far though the Guy and Branch hadn’t kissed and to be honest the guru wondered why the pair hadn’t kissed yet, he longed to ask the grey troll for the reason as to why, but at the same time Creek couldn’t find the words to ask such a personal question. That night on one of his regular walks that he likes to take around the troll tree the guru came across Guy and Branch together, they were sitting on one of the branches in the tree watching the stars as Creek knew that they did often. Seeing Branch with his head resting on Guy’s shoulder made the purple troll wanted to turn away and go back to his pod, but instead of doing this he stole quietly closer and listened to their conversation as he had done b

Purple with envy Pt5 Creek and BranchChapter five:
Three days after spending the night with Branch the sparkling troll was trying to pick out a box of chocolates as a gift for the troll he was dating, Guy was reading each of the boxes carefully to find out what chocolates they contain so that he could make the best choice possible. The sparkling troll was rather nervous about his choice as this was going to be his first gift to the other male troll and he wanted it to be absolutely perfect. The shimmering troll has no doubt that the survivalist would enjoy dark chocolate the most, after a while he found a box which contained a selection of soft centred orange, mint, coffee and strawberry flavoured dark chocolates. This selection sounded ideal to Guy, smiling to himself the sparkling troll picked this box off of the shelves, then he made his way over to the shop owner and addressed the female troll behind the counter politely. “Can you gift wrap this for me?”
“Of course, what paper would you like for your
Purple with envy Pt6 Creek and BranchI don’t drink alcohol so I’ve done my best with the drunken part…
Chapter six:
Though Branch and he were closer than they had been for years, Creek was aggravated to discover that the relationship between the grey troll and Guy was still going strong. Branch had even told him about their two bedroom incidents, Creek had hated listening to him talk about them, but in order to prove to the survivalist he was a good friend had born doing so while red hot envy had burned him on the inside. The purple troll had just about managed to hold back the urge to kiss Branch right there in order to prove he would make him a much better romantic partner, but for nights after this he had dreamt of kissing him as he had wanted to that day or of being the one to be giving Branch all of these new experiences which he was very much enjoying.
It was a sight which Creek had been dreading coming across, this was almost as bad for him as the time he had ended up enviously watching Guy and Br

Purple with envy Pt7 Creek and BranchChapter seven:
Once Creek had left his home in order to return to the village Branch had tried to go back to work, but he couldn’t settle to anything, somehow the bunker felt to big, to quiet and somehow empty without the purple troll in it with him. To the grey troll these were extremely odd sensations, he didn’t understand how having Creek with him with him for just one night and a morning could have left him feeling this way. Slowly the survivalist sat down in a comfortable chair, he started to think about Creek and about the way that the other troll made him feel. The guru made him feel safe, because Branch knew that now they were friends the spiritual troll would never do something to hurt him or their friendship. The grey troll moved from this feeling to the next, he always looked forward to seeing Creek now, he didn’t dread it like he used to and if the survivalist were honest with himself he had let the purple troll closer to him that he had allowed a troll to
Purple with envy Pt8 Creek and BranchChapter eight:
For Creek, the next two weeks were agony, there was not a sign of Branch anywhere, although the guru knew that he had a lot to be thinking about it didn’t stop him missing the other troll terribly. There was a constant ache in his heart, the purple troll longed to see the survivalist with every fibre of his being and it was these feelings that confirmed to Creek just how deeply he loved Branch now. The spiritual troll knew that he had done the right thing by not confessing his feelings to the other troll the last time they met, but still there was part of him with regretted not telling Branch that he loved him. The guru just hopped with all of his heart that when the grey troll reappeared that he would at last get a chance to tell Branch just how much he loved him.
The purple troll went to one of his favourite meditation spots in the forest near the troll village and as Creek entered it he stopped dead with surprise as the troll who had been at the forefront of his

Purple with envy Pt9 Creek and BranchChapter nine:
Branch was making his way back to the bunker after bathing in the lake, as he entered the area around his home, the grey troll instantly noticed that Creek was there waiting for him and his heart leapt in his chest while a warm happy feeling snaked through him. Branch came to a complete stop as he realised he had just felt happy, it had been fleeting but it had been there and now the grey troll had felt it for the first time in so many years he wanted to hold onto the feeling, but it slipped through his fingers like sand and escaped him once again. The survivalist stood in the shadows of the plants at the edge of the clearing contemplating the troll he had come to love and realised he wanted to find a way to show Creek that he cared for him, a way which would let the other male troll know that he felt close to him and trust him in a way he didn’t many other trolls. As the perfect way to do this made itself clear to him, Branch smiled slightly to himself, he walked i
Purple with envy Pt10 Creek and BranchChapter ten:
When the grey troll woke the next morning, he felt sore in places he had never been sore before, but at the same time Branch felt utterly wonderful and happy with all that had happened between himself and the purple troll the night before. As he looked at Creek lying beside him warped firmly in his arms the survivalist felt happiness waking inside him again the grey troll embraced this feeling and he let himself feel hope for their future and as Branch did this he felt warmth spreading through him again. The survivalist watched in awe as teal blue spread along his skin turning it teal once more, he smiled widely as the blue started to eliminate the grey which had coloured him for far too long, Branch felt his hair was changing as well, but he was to happy lying in bed with Creek to get up and look at it to see what had happened to his hair. Once he felt that the changes had finished, he pulled some of the royal blue hair down looked at the colour of it and then smiled to h



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